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DSTV Explora Installations

What is Digital Terrestrial Television DTT

We have been waiting for years for digital terrestrial TV in South Africa.
Finally it has arrived and we're in for a treat.
So far these are the options that are available.

The SABC has started the roll out of free decoders. 
Here is a link to their website with more information SABC

Be sure to have your new digital decoder installed by satellite tv services as they do need the correct antenna aerial
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Go tv is a brand new product that has been released by Multichoice.
These decoders will be replacing the standard mnet decoders and are available from the 1st of February 2016

To find out more about the benefits of digital television Click Here

The GOtv Value package is made up of 12 exciting channels for the whole family and includes drama, sport, kids’ shows, documentaries and movies – all for only R99 per month.

GOtv will use digital network towers throughout South Africa, much like cellphone companies are currently doing. Customers will need to check if they fall within the coverage areas and will also need a decoder to access the signal.

The GOtv decoder costs R699 and is a simple plug-and-play device. Customers can manage their GOtv account using USSD and the GOtv website.
Here is some more info on the GOTV service

Contact Us for your complete installation

Current M-Net analogue customers

While M-Net analogue customers will have to switch over to digital television at some stage, they don’t have to do anything right now as both analogue and digital signals are running concurrently. Before each province shuts off their analogue signals, M-Net will be in touch to guide its analogue customers through the migration process.

What is Open View HD (OVHD)

Openview HD (OVHD) brings you a wonderful new world of multi channel TV in digital quality without monthly fees, you only pay once for equipment and installation. There are no monthly fees, no contracts, just a once-off purchase of OpenView HD decoder, Dish and installation,OpenView HD is a new platform to bring HD channels to South Africans for free, Some of the Decoders can be programmed to receive additional TV Channels such as BVN, DW, CCTV, France 24 (too many to mention) and soon there will be a PVR Function available for users to record their favorite TV Shows.

What Channels are available on Open View HD (OVHD)

On Openview HD, you’ll get 18 channels, crystal clear digital quality pictures and sound, radio channels and there will be more channels added in the future
Click Here for a list of currently available channels

How to I get the decoder and Installation done

Use the Contact Us page to have Satellite TV Services in East London supply you with a decoder and installation of a satellite dish.

The DSTV Explora is the latest Technology available from Multichoice.
The main advantage of this decoder is the ability to record, pause and rewind live TV.

As with other DSTV products be sure to have your installations done by accredited Installers.
Contact Satellite TV Services in East London to have your new decoder installed today.
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Although the type of decoder you need is totally reliant on the type of viewing you do as a family, there are many other factors that go into what decoder you should get when you buy your DSTV package from Satellite TV Services in East London.

The standard model of decoder is the single view decoder; this means that you get to watch one channel at a time, regardless of how many TV’s you have in the house.

The new single HD Decoders now allow viewing of DSTV’s high definition content. With most TV’s now being HD ready this means a better viewing experience.

Installing the decoder: Contact us and we will send out a multichoice accredited installer who will quickly and professionally install your Satellite Dish, run your cabling and setup your decoder.Contact Us


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